Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bad luck comes after Good luck or the other way round

I should used up all my good luck last week, now my bad luck comes.

Last week workshop at Penang. We paid RM290/night/room for 3 standard rooms at g Hotel. Last Tue night, we checked in quite late, no more standard rooms for us, 3 of us were then upgraded to Executive rooms. Big like studio with living room, bar, small pantry and bedroom.
The bathroom even prepared sea salt for body scrab thoughfully. Nice and fruitful breakfast in the morning and Spa evening when backed to the hotel, such a relaxing outstation.

Backed to work on Fri, Colleagues suddenly decided to have lunch at new opening. My bolognise spagetti taste not nice (may be the taste should be like that but i didn’t like it), I can not finish it. The boss came n saw my unfinished plate, asked for my comment. Mmmm....since he asked then i anwsered not that tasty lo.....maybe if..bla bla... will be nicer....The boss not angry but said my lunch on him because i given comment for their improvement. We got free home-made ice-cream as desert too. Emm..lucky right?

Then....here my bad luck come......
i just received a summon due to "tidak mematuhi lampu isyarat", OMG! Ya...i remembered that night, i was rushing back in the midnight, no one on the road, drove quite fast, tak sempat berhenti....: <

Then.....my bigger shock--- now only i realised that my driving liciense die so long ago......OMG!

Mmm....my friend said the summon & driving liciense thingy not because of luck. OKie, well. I admit that I AM CARELESS!!!!

人有三衰六旺。旺完就衰, 衰完又旺。Wish me Good Luck for the rest of the week. Thank god tomorrow is Public Holiday!